I cover night cops and breaking news for the Dallas Morning News

From 2012-13, I worked in the News' Austin bureau where I covered the 83rd Texas Legislature, the Wendy Davis filibuster, and the effects of lawmaker decisions on higher education and women's health care.

I've had the opportunity to work with world-class reporters and editors, meet interesting people and be a part of big stories such as Ebola in Dallas and the West fertilizer plant explosion. 

One time I was on Nancy Grace

University of Texas at Austin alumna \m/

Raised in New Orleans. Will eat all the food. 

Other Work

I was digital consultant to the News' editorial board where I increased daily page views by 50 percent over 10 weeks. 

While at UT, I worked at The Daily Texan, the university's award-winning student paper. I have also interned at the San Antonio Express-News and Texas Tribune, and did an immersive foreign correspondent's workshop in China.

Visual help

I've been lucky enough to work with many talented and professional photojournalists whose photos and videos enhance my stories. I've also used their photos as thumbnails on this site. Off to the right are their names and links to websites, if available, to view more of their work.

Some pretty cool graphic artists too:

Michael Hogue
Troy Oxford
Tom Setzer

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